Brand Finish
Item Form Powder
Scent Unscented
Material Feature Residue Free
Number of Items 1
Item Weight 3 Kilograms
Net Quantity 1 count

About this item

  • Finish Salt helps remove water hardness that has a negative effect on the dishwasher performance results
  • Makes water soft (very critical in areas where water is hard)
  • Improves shine of the dishes and prevents corrosion of the same
  • Consists of extra pure sodium chloride (NaCl). Dosage: 30g/washcycle.
  • With Finish detergent put your dirtiest dishes straight into the dishwasher. Dosage: 20g per cycle
  • Remove proteins, starch and oil stains
  • Has active enzymes that help removal of stains from the dishes/utensils
  • Most important additive for any dishwash system.Leaves no residues : Finish Classic dishwasher powder removes all the dirt and grease, leaving no residues, and giving sparkling clean dishes

Product description


Dishes must be washed with soft water. Finish Dishwasher Salt helps in making hard water soft in your dishwasher – no more white spots on your dishes. It helps avoid scale deposits on the dishes and in the dishwasher. Finish Dishwasher Salt effectively softens your water to boost the cleaning performance of your detergent by preventing spots and watermarks on your dishes. Finish Dishwasher Salt is guaranteed free from residues. Its purity ensures that your dishwasher’s built-in water softening unit works effectively. Other salts may contain impurities like iron and carbonates which could damage the water softening unit.

Finish Dishwasher Power Powder Detergent – Finish is World’s #1 Recommend dishwashing brand. Recommended by renowned dishwasher brands worldwide. Finish Power Detergent softens water to boost the cleaning performance of your detergent. It Prevents spots and watermarks on dishes. Contains no impurities such as iron and carbonate.   Safety Warning: Product is irritant to eyes. Keep out of the reach of children. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice. If swallowed, seek medical advice immediately and show this container or label. This material and its container must be disposed of in a safe way.
*Source Euromonitor International Limited; Home Care 2021 ed. as per Dishwashing category; all retail channels; value sales at RSP; 2020 data


From the manufacturer

Protein 15g 23% 30g 30g
Vitamin D 0mcg 23% 0mcg 0mcg
Calcium 320mg 23% 320mg 320mg
Iron 1.6mg 23% 1.6mg 1.6mg
Potassium 510mg 23% 510mg 510mg
Calories 280 23% 280 280
Total Fat 9g 12% 9g 9g
Saturated Fat 4.5g 37% 4.5g 4.5g
Trans Fat 0g 12% 0g 0g
Cholesterol 35mg 14% 35mg 35mg

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